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December 09, 2016
Action Center
Chesapeake Bay Charter Services
Captain Chet Clough. See pictures in the Photo Gallery of this site.
Pets With Disabilities
For help or information, also donations.
Helmets to Hardhats
Helping Veterans transition from active duty into the construction trades
Mesothelioma Center
The most up to date info on Asbestos and Mesothelioma cancer, with info ranging from list of top doctors, treatment centers, survival rates and steps to take after a diagnosis.
Asbestos Legal Help
Legal help, by state, for anyone needing a attorney for asbestos exposure.
Asbestos Cancer
Exposure to toxic asbestos fibers can lead to deadly mesothelioma cancer. Mesothelioma Guide offers easy to understand information to patients about their prognosis, doctors, and support groups.
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12/08   UNION MEETING - 6:00 PM







01/12   UNION MEETING - 6 PM



01/30   E - BOARD MEETING FEB - 5 PM




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Happiness is not something ready made.  It comes from your own actions.

What's New at IUEC 10
Election Results

The results from yesterdays election are as follows:

One Business Agent - Reggie Garner

One Trustee - Andrew Fonger

One Warden - Christopher Gray

Nine Executive Board - Crash Caparrotta, Dale Meunier, Max Watson, Mark Trader, Mike (Q) Quinones, Ralph Gray, Gary Dwyer, James Lynch, Jeremy Fox.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Reminder to All

Just a reminder, for the entire membership.  Tomorrow, December 8, 2016, is election day.  The monthly Union Meeting will follow promptly at 6 pm.  The polls will be open from 5:00 am until 6:00 pm, just before the meeting starts.  Please come out and participate and let your voice be heard.  You cannot complain about the things you don't agree with or revel in the ones you do, if YOU DON'T VOTE !!!Your membership gives you the right to help decide in which direction YOUR LOCAL will move.

We hope to see record numbers, here in the Union Hall, tomorrow.

2016 Adventures of the Elevator Elf

Anyone who followed the Elf on a Shelf last year knows that the Elf likes to travel with one of the Local #10 members.  Since we are going to follow Mr. Elf in his travels this year, I will only say that his human buddy is named Steve.  Steve and Elf send Elaine and I pictures as they travel all over the country doing amazing elevator work and trying to keep Mr. Elf out of trouble.  He tends to get into things he is not so sure of.  OK. Lets just admit it and say he is mischievous!!!  He likes TO GET IN TROUBLE !!!  Mr. Elf now has a photo album in the Photo Gallery on this website.  Follow along and watch as Mr. Elf travels the country and Steve tries to keep him out of trouble.

Merry Christmas everyone.  Enjoy the adventures of Mr. Elf and Steve.

Happy Thanksgiving

The Officers, Members, and Staff of Local #10 would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  The Hall will be closed on Thursday and Friday for the holiday.  Enjoy your time off with family and friends.  All of you hunters out there be very careful in the woods.  Most of you know how I feel, so all I am going to say is I hope that each of you gets one bambi.  No more than that.  That would give you meat for the winter.

Relax, enjoy, and eat until your heart is content.

Local Elections

Just a reminder to the membership.  Thursday, December 8, 2016, we will be having our General Elections.  The polls will be open from 5:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Local #10 Union Hall, 9600 Martin Luther King Junior Highway, Lanham, MD 20706.  Incase of a tie, a run-off will be held at the January 12, 2017 Union Meeting, same time and location.

Nominations for General Election

One Business Agent - Vote for one (1) .....Reggie Garner

                                                              John Matthews

One Trustee - Vote for one (1) .................Andrew Fonger

One Warden - Vote for one (1)..................Christopher Gray

Nine Executive board - Vote for nine (9)......James Lynch, Max Watson, Jeremy Fox, Ralph Gray, Gary Dwyer, Mike (Q) Quinones, Mark Trader, Scott Long, Dale Meunier, Crash Caparrotta


Congratulations, 2016 Templeton Scholarship winner, Devin Williams

The Officers, members, and office staff of Local #10 would like to Congratulate Mr. Devin Williams on his winning of the 2016 Templeton Scholarship from Koonz, McKinney, Johnson, Depaolis and Lightfoot LLP.  Devin is the son of Brother Mike Williams and attended the November 10, 2016 Union Meeting to meet Mr. Dave Schloss, from Koonz, McKinney, Johnson, Depaolis and Lightfoot LLP, and read his winning paper from the contest.

Local #10 wishes Devin the best, in whatever he decides to do, in his future.  Your Local #10 family is cheering for you, Devin.

Our thoughts are with you, Brother

Local #10 is sending out our thoughts and prayers to Local #138 BA, Michael Del Santo, on the passing of his wife, Kate.  Members of Local #10 read Mikes articles in the Elevator Constructor, as he is the Correspondent to the Journal for Local #138 as well.  May Kate always be in your heart and watching over you.

Words of Wisdom

 People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness.  Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost.

IUEC Local 10
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